Applying for a UK Visa?

The UK Government has outsourced it's Visa Services to VFS GLOBAL that has opened their Visa Application Centres across all regions in the World.
All foreign nationals wishing to enter the UK must be able to submit statutory documents at the border concerning the reasons for their stay, their means of support and accommodation arrangements. You can find here the step by step process to apply for a UK Visit Visa

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Most Common documents

We have listed here the Mandatory requirements and you need to select your region to find more specific documents (if any):

  • Guide to supporting documents: visiting the UK
  • A Valid Original Passport (valid at least for your duration of intended Travel or for the next 6 months
  • Completed and Signed Visa Application Form - UK accepts ONLINE applications only (Parents could sign on Children's behalf)
  • Minimum 2nos. Passport Size photographs with white background
  • Travel Insurance covering your Travel period (optional)
  • Air Ticket and Hotel Bookings
  • Proof of your Financial ability (ex: Bank statements(3to6 months), Property Documents, Investments etc.,
  • If you are working a letter from your Current Employer confirming your position, salary and duration of work with the Company and approval to leave you for this trip
  • If you are a Student a letter from your Educational Institution confirming your leave for this trip
  • Appropriate Visa fees and Service Charges to the Visa Application Centre
  • Find your nearest Visa Application Center

Visa Application Forms

Entry visa application form (UK Visa Application Form)

Visa Photo Requirements

Rules for passport photos