Applying for a Hong Kong Visa?

  • This webpage sets out the visa or entry permit requirements of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People's Republic of China. You may apply for the appropriate visa or entry permit from the nearest Chinese diplomatic and consular mission (visit visa applications from Indian nationals should be submitted to the HKSAR Immigration Department direct).

  • As an alternative, you may also submit your visa or entry permit application to the HKSAR Immigration Department either directly by post or through a local sponsor. To shorten the processing time, application forms and supporting documents can be sent by fax to (852) 2824 1133 in the first instance. However, the original copy of the duly completed application form and the photographs required should be sent immediately to the HKSAR Immigration Department by air mail. A visa/entry permit will be issued only on receipt of an original, properly completed visa/entry permit application form.

  • If you are a Chinese resident of Taiwan, you should submit your application for an entry permit through one of the authorised airlines.

  • To know if your Nationality requires a Visa or NOT, please click here.

  • In the given below list, choose your Region or Country of Residence to visit the local website of Chinese Embassies / Consulates / High Commissions or You can find here more information about How to apply for a Hong Kong Visa.

Most Common documents

We have listed here the Mandatory requirements and you need to select your region to find more specific documents (if any):

Visa Application Forms

Hong Kong Visa Application Form

Visa Photo Requirements

Rules for passport photos


Please check your local Embassy's website for more details.

Visa Appointment wait times

Please check with your Local Embassy or Consulate or High Commission in oder to Book an appointment for Visa Application Submission