About WorldBridge

Operating under the brand name WorldBridge Service, we provide a biometric-enabled application process for foreign nationals wishing to visit countries where the government has contracted us to provide these services.
WorldBridge operates in partnership with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Qatar. CSC does not operate in partnership with any visa agents, travel agents, or other companies that provide visa related services.

Our service includes:

  • Application receipt and validation, data entry, fee handling, status handling, document courier and appointment bookings
  • Biometric capture
  • Information services
  • Telephony call centres

Our customers bought from us a secure, stream-lined repeatable process underpinned by buildings, staff, logistics and consumables.

Benefits to governments:

  • Savings
  • Enhanced security through dispersal of crowds
  • Diplomatic establishment focussed on adjudication of applications
  • Lowered establishment costs on administrative services
  • Superior customer service through enhanced access to information and front office services

Benefits to the Public and visa applicants:

  • Enhanced customer service hours
  • Access to team focused on customer service
  • In large countries – services closer to home via an Application Centre network
  • Reduced processing time

WorldBridge is a division of CSC. To find out more about our visa application processing services please go to our CSC UK website

Please note, if you are an applicant seeking information about your visa application please contact the WorldBridge call centre either by telephone or email using the information on this website. CSC staff will not be able to help you, as they do not have access to visa processing information.